The Results You Want, Every Time

Professional heritage? Yes. Powerful technology? Absolutely. But those aspects are not, in themselves, the benefits of Wolf. They’re building blocks of the benefit every home cook is really after: delicious results. Wolf owners enjoy precise control that takes the guesswork out of cooking. Expert and novice alike can start a recipe confident that the dish they have in mind will be the dish they bring to the table. Delicious results every time — that’s the benefit that guides the portrayal of the Wolf brand.

Get Precisely What You’re Cooking For

Know You’ll Achieve the Result You Have in Mind

Crispy, chewy, flaky, fluffy – every dish has a quality that, to you, defines delicious. Wolf places such precise control in your hands, you’ll cook with confidence that the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table.

Built for the Test of Time

Born from 80 Years of Professional Heritage

Wolf began in commercial kitchens, where nothing less than precision and long life will do. Built in the United States with premium-grade materials, Wolf products are tested to perform beautifully for decades.

Wolf Makes it Personal

Designs for the Way You Live and the Ways You Cook

Does your taste lean toward the sleekly modern or the classic professional look? What are your favorite cooking technologies and methods? With Wolf’s endless design flexibility, you can make your kitchen as well as your meals distinctly your own.

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